About Us

We at Villa Anna Teresa are committed to being a leading provider in long-term care services. Our staff is trained to provide quality care and support for older persons by defining and transforming care cultures practices and standards into relationship activated care and person-centered outcomes. Our plans are developed and planned to promote social relations and inspire independent living. Our goal is to create a homely environment to ensure that our residents live at their highest level of comfort, enjoyment, and well-being.

Our Objectives

  • It is our objective to create a relationship-driven environment wherein those we serve may live with dignity and in a manner respectful of their way of life, and to create an atmosphere which encourages healthy social interaction with full recognition of the person’s right to privacy and self-determination
  • It is our objective to promote relationships of trust, confidence, and loyalty through the quality of our services, the honesty of our people, and involvement in our community.
  • It is our objective to promote a healthy work environment for our employees which maintains ethical and safe work-practices, excellence in service delivery, and personal and professional growth.
  • It is our objective to reinvest in our people and facilities and pursue opportunities for further growth.