Villa Anna Teresa is proud to be adopting the 360 Standard Framework™ to demonstrate a publicly stated commitment towards the highest standards of care.

The 360 SF™ is a quality improvement and practice development framework for establishing and maintaining person centred cultures in care environments as places where people who need them want to be, staff find the work fulfilling, and relatives and friends enjoy visiting. It comprises three sets of interdependent outcome standards, which together constitute a level of relationship-based person-centred care and support as defined by the cared-for person, relatives and carers.

Villa Anna Teresa will apply the principles of the 360 SF™ across all levels of the organisation to identify performance outcomes and ongoing development priorities over time. As such it is both a triad of outcome standards and a care assessment framework. Through successfully connecting key relationships and creating a positive business culture, Villa Anna Teresa will place the cared-for person’s experience of care at the centre of how success is measured. 360 SF™ underpins all service and practice standards.

The philosophy of the 360 Standard Framework™ (360 SF)

The 360 SF™ is ethically grounded in the belief that older persons living in care homes have the same human rights as everyone else. They are entitled to personal privacy and dignity, to be treated with respect and kindness, to feel included and understood, to have personal privacy and security, and to have opportunities to engage in reciprocal and meaningful relationships as a valued member of the community in which they live.

Positive relationships across and between residents, relatives and staff are essential characteristics of good care. The resident’s human rights and the requirements of empathetic and sensitive communication in relationships are embodied in the 360 SF™ as measurable outcomes.

Villa Anna Teresa will develop a community that engenders a sense of belonging, continuity, purpose significance, security, and achievement in the lived experience of residents, their visiting relatives and the staff.

The principles underpinning the 360 SF™

  • Resident centred care is dependent on the development and maintenance of positive relationships across and between the resident, their close relatives/friends and staff, often referred to as the relationship triangle;
  • Residents will judge their experience of life at Villa Anna Teresa more positively if the staff are person-centred in attitude and behaviour toward them;
  • Relatives and other close carers visiting the resident will judge their own experiences more positively if staff recognise the roles of relatives and close carers and respond with empathy and understanding;
  • Staff will judge their experience of working with residents as more satisfying and worthwhile, and be more person-centred in their work, if they feel valued by their employer and equipped to fulfil their caring roles in resident-focused ways.

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