Respite & Rehabilitation Services

At Villa Anna Teresa we understand that caring for a loved one with a chronic illness, disability or other health condition can be a challenging and demanding task.  We also understand that people might require some intensive care and rehabilitation following some medical intervention or episode.  That’s why our respite and rehabilitation services are there to help patients recover and regain maximum independence while supporting families and enabling them to take a well-deserved break from their caring commitments.

Our respite services provide short-term relief to caregivers by giving them time to rest, recharge and attend to their own needs.  Each client making use of our respite services will have a personalised care plan in order to ensure their safety, comfort and wellbeing as well as the optional use of therapeutic services in line with their individual needs.

In addition to respite care, our rehabilitation services offer a comprehensive approach to helping patients recover from injuries, surgeries or other physical limitations.  We provide physical, occupational and speech/language therapy to help patients regain their strength, mobility and independence, while our care and nursing staff will attend to any medical needs, ensuring that the person is well-cared for.


Respite care stays at Villa Anna Teresa can be for as little as a day to a few weeks, and more if required. It is generally the case for a respite stay to be between 1 and 2 weeks, depending upon the circumstances of the individual and caregiver.

Yes, Villa Anna Teresa provides a transport service which can be scheduled around the needs of the individual and caregiver.

Villa Anna Teresa provides end-to-end services including round-the-clock care. All of our respite facilities are equipped with centralised medical oxygen and the latest in residential care beds. Our life assistants will help your loved one eat meals, take medications on schedule, dress, bathe, and exercise in classes or outdoors. Villa Anna Teresa also provides a hair salon, a medical rehabilitation clinic, religious services, and therapeutic programmes. We may also take your loved one to scheduled medical and other appointments.

Respite stays are generally reserved on a rotational system and respite space is in high demand. It will make sense, therefore, to reserve your stay as soon as possible. For your guidance, there is an assessment process that needs to be followed prior to admission to respite care.

When discussing respite services at Villa Anna Teresa do let your loved one take part in your conversation. This will make you both feel more at ease with respite care.

The most common obstacle might be admitting that you need a break. You can become so focused on caring for another person that you feel like you can’t take time to look after yourself, too. Let yourself take breaks now and then so you don’t get mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. On your return you’ll be able to focus more energy on your role, and that will be a boost for the person you’re caring for.

Be open with your loved one and the rest of your family about why you need respite care and what you’re planning. They might want to be involved in the process.

Our team will be happy to discuss our respite care framework in more detail Contact us