Therapeutic Movement Sessions

At Villa Anna Teresa we believe in focusing on quality of life, inspiring people with an appreciation and gratitude for what they have.  Gratitude for the gift of life, for companionship, for nature and for movement – whatever the movement available to them in their present condition.

Our Movement Sessions will focus on finding joy in movement with meaning – whether it is dancing to a familiar song, going for a stroll in the garden, or participating in chair yoga, stretching or sitting exercise sessions! Our sessions promote the use of fine and gross motor skills, improving participants’ balance and coordination thus aiding in the long-term prevention of falls and associated injuries.

During these sessions, our trained members of staff will engage with each individual and encourage clients to participate in various creative and fun activities that will be gently supporting their overall wellbeing through improved circulation, Musculo-skeletal function, improved mood and psychological state.  At the same time our sessions promote socialisation and leisure activities that fill our clients’ lives with purpose and a joie de vivre which we are all entitled to.